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What may I help you with?

Stay in Place

Staying In Place

Your current home is perfect.  Well, almost.  I help my clients create more usable space within their homes to better meet their current needs.  I can help you envision and realize reorganized, refreshed, and perhaps re-purposed rooms in your home.  My clients value my expertise and positive approach to helping them prioritize what they really use and enjoy versus what no longer serves them.  I will efficiently distribute any no-longer-needed items by setting them aside for family and friends, or by selling, donating, or recycling them.  The result, a home you will continue to enjoy for years to come! 

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If you have determined that it is indeed time to move, you are facing many difficult decisions and probably feel quite overwhelmed.   I help my clients envision their new spaces and decide what to move, and equally importantly what not to.  I can help with the sorting and packing process to ensure that all items are directed to their correct destination, whether to your new home, to family and friends, or to buyers, charities, or recycling centres.  I can help stage the home and spruce up the garden to maximize its value on the market.  My approach is upbeat and respectful, and conversations are key.  I will liaise with family members to ensure your wishes are realized, and do my very best to make moving day as stress-free as possible.  I am also happy to assist with the unpacking process.  The result, a graceful transition and cost savings in having moved only what truly serves you in your new home.

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Closing Estates

If you are an executor or family member faced with closing an estate, you are confronting many daunting tasks. I help my clients to effectively and efficiently allocate all household possessions. Working with family representative(s) or through clear guidelines established together, I sort and pack the contents of the home.  I ensure that all items are sent to their predetermined destinations, whether that is family and friends, an auction house, a charity, or a recycling centre.  I am also experienced in working with real estate agents to stage the home and garden appropriately for a quick sale that also obtains maximum value. 

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