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My Approach

I make it my priority to customize services to fit my clients' requirements and budgets.  

After an initial telephone conversation, I will meet with potential clients in their home to assess what is working for them, and most importantly what isn’t.  I search for options and resources the client might not have considered. Together we will brainstorm what changes are possible, and then make a tentative plan to begin the process of achieving those.  

How we work together depends on the style and requirements of each individual client.  If the client prefers to do the work themselves but would benefit from some support, I can act as a coach.  I often work one-on-one with clients so the job gets done faster.  I will also work independently if the client prefers to be hands-off, or nearly so.  I adapt to the client’s preferred style of problem-solving, whether it be an intensive “get it done yesterday” marathon, or a gentler transition over a longer period of time.  I’m equally happy to have a one-time brainstorming session or to work with a client over several months.  

Change is seldom easy, but with the right support it need not be overwhelming, and sometimes can even be fun!  My goal is that at the end of our work together my clients will have something to celebrate — a home that suits them perfectly.

My approach is also community-centric.  Specifically, I have made a social cause commitment with my business.  Outward Bound courses provide life-transforming experiences, especially for people who are recovering from trauma or facing a major transition in their lives.  I have committed to giving 1% of Getting to Less' profits to Outward Bound Canada to ensure that those who have the potential to benefit most from an Outward Bound experience have the opportunity to do so.

For added peace of mind, I carry liability insurance.  


I look forward to discussing your downsizing needs.  Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

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