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As a young women, my love of the natural world motivated me to pursue a degree in forest biology at UVic.  After graduating in the early '90s, for much of my first career I worked as a biological technician and biologist with the BC Forest Service, Forestry Canada, the BC Ministry of Environment, and several private companies.
In 2009, I became the executrix of a hoarder’s estate, wherein much to my amazement I discovered that I was both very good at and thoroughly enjoyed the process of clearing a house chock-full of items.  After several weeks of near-daily calls to the friendly folks at the recycling hotline, I had accomplished the impossible and found good new homes for thousands of pounds of household stuff.  I was able to keep most items out of the landfill and only the true "garbage garbage" was thrown away.  Much to the delight of the neighbours, no dumpster in the driveway was ever required.  
I’m currently the Block Watch captain for my neighbourhood in Cordova Bay, and the lead steward of Doumac Park, part of Saanich’s Pulling Together invasive species removal team.  
Since 2013, I’ve completed four Outward Bound 8-day inspiring and challenging wilderness journeys intended to "cultivate resilience, leadership, connections, and compassion.”  Each trip was an amazing adventure, and I continue to use the skills I developed from Outward Bound in my life and work every day. 

I am passionate about finding connections and creating community, solving problems in resourceful and creative ways, and earning genuine smiles.

I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your downsizing needs. Please feel free to phone or email me directly.

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